If you were to wear one single watch until the day you died, which would you trust the most?


I love watches but don’t like collecting, so I’m looking to get rid off all but the very sentimental ones.

And then I want to buy one that would last me a lifetime. One that would become me.

I’d prefer a full titanium build because of weight reasons and a leather strap has a much shorter lifespan. Which is why I am leaning toward a Seiko MarineMaster 600 spring drive. However, I don’t know how comfortable or sturdy it would be for daily use. I have a desk job but I am quite active and do a lot of sports, gardening etc. Bumping or scratching it would be a sure thing.

I would prefer the price to be under 3k, so if an Oyster or SeaMaster is the answer I’d have to find a preloved one that’s perhaps too old to be reliable for another couple of decades.

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