ODYS Co-Founder Alex Drew



This week Stefan sat down with Alex Drew, co-founder of ODYS, a platform for buying high-quality aged domain names.

The first half of the chat covers the world of domain investing in general, and the second half dives aged domains, which is Alex’s specialty.

In the chat, Stefan and Alex discuss:

  • How Alex got started in domain investing

  • What makes domain names such a great digital asset?

  • Why .com’s have stood the test of time, and remain the bitcoin of domains

  • Why emotion and scarcity makes valuing domains so tricky

  • What are the biggest marketplaces for buying & selling domain names

  • What is a “domain drop”, and how does it work? (Including redemption periods, grace periods, and expiry)

  • How Dropcatch and similar companies are hired to help catch prized domains from hundreds of thousands of drops each day.

  • How companies like Sedo, Afternic, and obtain domains for their own marketplaces

  • Why domain investing is like venture capital: you need a large portfolio with a few big winners to survive

  • How domain investing has changed over the years

  • What aged domains are, exactly, and what makes them so valuable?

  • The value of a good backlink profile, and how aged domains fast-forward the painstaking process of building backlinks

  • The risks of buying a domain with a poor backlink profile

  • ODYS’s plans for opening their own marketplace

  • How their typical customer has changed over time

  • How domain names are the original NFTs

  • What factors help determine the “ODYS value”, including traffic, backlink profile, and other trust signals

  • How 301 redirects are an amazing way to harness a domain’s power

  • How ODYS is using logos to add even more value to their pre-owned domains

  • What the future holds for the world of domain investing

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