Travis Winn from ZED RUN



This week Stefan sat down with Travis Winn from ZED RUN, the blockchain game where you buy, sell, breed, raise, and race digital racehorses.

In the chat, Stefan and Travis discuss:

  • How the lack of accessibility in Australian horse race culture led to the idea of digital horse ownership

  • The otherwordly design of the game & creating the digital sport of the future

  • Navigating the financial and legal considerations in getting ZED RUN off the ground

  • Why ZED RUN is a fundamentally a skill & strategy game, not gambling

  • How they maintain team synergy while having a remote, global team

  • How integral ZED RUN’s community is to the entire operation

  • The disconnect between how active the community is and how the company has been relatively ignored by the mainstream media

  • How NBA Top Shot kicked the NFT movement into high gear

  • How ZED RUN treats the blockchain like an empowering mechanism to avoid becoming a game for “Crytpo Gods,” and makes this confusing world easily accessible to the public

  • The game mechanics, including horse rarity, and the simulation algorithm that determines the winner of each race

  • How to buy “Genesis” horses during the drops, and the secondary markets

  • How ZED RUN thinks about supply & demand in terms of ecosystem longevity

  • Recent changes to breeding rules, and why they introduced the concept of “puberty” into the ecosystem to stop market flooding

  • How ZED RUN fosters serendipity, compared to social media

  • Why owning a ZED RUN racehorse is an active investment, and is sort of the ultimate digital asset

  • The tightrope balancing act between treating ZED RUN as a game, vs treating it as a valuable, yield-producing digital asset

  • The future of ZED RUN, including sub-economy opportunities, and, most excitingly, metaverse land ownership

This episode was originally featured in the Alternative Assets newsletter issue: Investing in Digital Racehorses with Zed Run

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